4 Golden Rules of Positioning Your Denon Bookshelf Speaker

4 Golden Rules of Positioning Your Denon Bookshelf Speaker

Bookshelf speakers are meant to be placed on an elevated floor. You can’t get the desired sound quality if you put a bookshelf speak on the floor. It is an obvious rule that everyone knows, however despite placing it on a tabletop, sometimes Bluetooth bookshelf stereo speakersdon’t deliver the desired audio output. 

Denon Bluetooth Speakersare known for out-of-the-box sound profiles, however, if the positioning is not right, you might feel disappointed with your purchase. There is nothing wrong with your speaker quality, it’s the positioning that needs to be improved.

Here Is How You Can Do That.

  • Room Layout: If you are redoing your room then don’t plan the positioning of the speaker before the furniture and other variables. Pick your couch first and decide on the entire layout to find a place where you will be able to get the highest possible audio output from your Denon mini-Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Speaker Stand: Vibrations can destroy the music quality. You can either pick a model with in-build silicone feet to reduce the vibrations or invest in a speaker stand. Always pick the recommended speaker stand to make the positioning easy and the sound quality better.
  • Wall Spacing: Placing your Denon Professional Portable Bluetooth Speakeron a coffee table works fine. However, if you are planning to place it on a wall shelf then make sure that there is enough space between the speaker and the wall. It is important to leave air and space around the speaker, otherwise, the low frequency sound will be altered and you will not be able to enjoy the music quality. To avoid the rumbling sound, it is very important to pick a model suitable to be placed near walls.
  • Room Décor: It is assumed that Bluetooth Powered Bookshelf Speakers can be placed anywhere in the room. However, it is advised to avoid placing it near big windows or blank walls. Moreover, if there is no carpet on the floor, you will not be able to enjoy the desired music quality. Preferably position the speaker where the windows have curtains or the floors have carpets, these will absorb the reflections and lower the muffled noise build-ups. 

Final words There are various options for Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers in India. Picking the right model is important, however, positioning the speaker is way more important. Follow the golden rules of speaker positioning to get amazing sound quality. If you have been searching for a speaker model and wondering what is the Denon Bluetooth Speaker Price, then check out the ultimate collection at Watt HiFi. We have an endless range of sound systems including the very popular Denon Bluetooth speakers.

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