About Us

Sound - vital, indispensable, beautiful. Enhancing life experiences, sometimes, defining them. The background score to every twist your life takes.

Imagine bringing that sound home. Refining it, so that it's sans noise. Amplifying it, so that you don't miss a single undulation. Lifting your favorite song to another level altogether. Immersing you deep into the cadence of a familiar tune. Placing you firmly in the dialogue.

You will not be the audience. You are the sound.

Imagine creating a den in your home - a place that will offer relaxation and stimulation in turn. Imagine walking in there and turning up the sound, shutting the world away. Surrounded by your favorite music. Engrossed in your favorite show.

We offer you the power to make your own individual space and fill it up with the sounds you want to hear. We assist you in constructing an ambience that will be calming and exciting at the same time. We bring you the potential to create memories.

Our Address:

Plot no 501, Market Rd, Sector 22A, Near Sec 22, 
Gurugram, Haryana 122001