How to Buy the Best AV Receiver for Your Home?

How to Buy the Best AV Receiver for Your Home?

The home theatre is one of the consumer commodities that we like to have at our home. It adds a new dimension to our entertainment option. We get a range of utilities from it, namely music and video. 

The home theatre consists of speakers, wireless setup and AVR receivers. Choosing the right overall system is essential for the excellent quality of audio and video outputs. 

Here Are Some Points To Consider While Choosing The Right AV Receiver. 

1- Audio Technology

One of the first things to consider while choosing the right AV receiver is selecting the right audio technology. There are various ways you can connect the home theatre to the speakers. HDMI is the most modern technological iteration in terms of AV connectivity.

It is a unified system of audio and video connection. Thus, you avoid the hassle of using separate audio and video output cables.

Secondly, the optical input is the option which you cannot do away with if you wish to have a comprehensive audio system, namely 7.1. Although the optical input option is not so unified like HDMI, it is useful in carrying higher sound bandwidth. 

Thirdly, the USB input option is indispensable in today’s technology. It offers universal connectivity, easy attachability and a lot of features. USB devices like pen drives, portable CD/DVD drives and SSDs can be easily connected on a USB port. Mostly, the action is plug-in-and-go. 

Phone input is an additional and extraneous feature. Not a lot of people choose this option as they loathe the idea of a loud personal conversation. 

2- Video Technology

The yesteryear 720p half HD technology is still widespread but highly receding. The trendiest video technology is 1080p resolution. This is the commonest, although quite outdated. People are stuck with this technology as it is useful in giving brilliant and nearly vivid pictures. 

Most mobile data and broadband service providers can accommodate the speed and bandwidth for 1080p technology.

The newer iteration, namely 8k, hasn’t seen any success, but its precursor 4k is slowing setting a foothold. Thus, to make the technology future-proof, buy at least a 4k AV receiver. The Denon AVR receiver is the most highly recommended choice. 

3- Other Options

Bluetooth 4.0 is the marvel in connection technology, gives better connectivity from the predecessors. However, the latest version, i.e. 5.0, has even better connectivity and low energy consumption than 4.0.

Wi-Fi streaming is an added advantage you get with the AV receiver; it offers a wireless option and thus reduces the need for using wires all over the house. The Denon surround receiver comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure seamless wireless connection.


These were some points to consider while choosing the right AV receiver. 

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