What Should I Look For When Buying a Stereo Amplifier?

What Should I Look For When Buying a Stereo Amplifier?

Looking for a HiFi amplifier to jazz up the party and you are confused from where to start? Well, let confusions take a back seat now and go through the following specifications which will make a choice easy:

1- Power output: This depends on the size of the room and speakers. The bigger is the room; the more will be the power required to ensure that the music is loud and keeps your party high. The thumb rule is to choose an amplifier which can deliver power twice the rating of the speaker program. 10W is decent enough for a normal party at home, and 100W will pound a raucous tone. Checking the sensitivity of the speaker is important as it will have a big effect.

2- THD+N: Total Harmonic Distortion+ Noise is a measure of how much effect the amplifier will have on the sound output. The lower is THD+N the close will be the output of the amplifier to the original recording. In case distortion is more, then it will mean more colouration to the sound. You have to choose the amplifier which matches your music preferences. Thus, lower numbers are any day better than the higher ones.

3- Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): Do you like to hear the unnecessary disturbance in the background when you are listening to your favourite song? It will not only take away the pleasures of listening but also tells that the power amplifier is not of good quality. Thus, the signal to noise ratio needs to be high so that you get to listen to only the music and no disturbance.

4- Crosstalk: Crosstalk is a phenomenon in which unwanted signals in a communication channel like radio, telephone or computer is caused due to undesirable transfer of energy from the other circuit. To reduce the impact of crosstalk, reduce the number of aggressors, reduce coupling, shrink the aggressor and change the timing. In case crosstalk is not checked, then it can affect the signal to noise ratio.

5- Inputs/Connections: You will want all your gadgets to get connected with the amplifier. Thus, there must be sufficient inputs to connect your phone, laptops, iPods etc.

Thus, while buying a stereo amplifier go through the above points to guide you in your purchase.

What are Wireless Streaming Amplifiers?

Wireless streaming amplifiers allow you to play your favourite song on any device at home by connecting it to the amplifier through wi-fi. From your home theatre to laptop to phone, you can connect any device through Bluetooth, airplay or wi-fi and get access to the music of your choice. The flexibility and adaptability of wireless streaming amplifiers have made it one of the most sought after gadgets by the gen-Z.

To make the most of the amplifier, ensure that you make the right choice from choosing a good brand to the rack where you want to place it to the equipment you want to pair the amplifier with. For more details, talk to our experts before making any purchase.

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