Which Projector Is Best for Home Cinema?

Which Projector Is Best for Home Cinema?

The digital and technological world is evolving so fast that a blink and an update is missed. The technological wave has swept mankind so far that it seems outlandish to picture ourselves 15 or 20 years before. Among most things it has changed the way we experience our television screens.

The resolutions have been getting bigger and the sound deeper and clearer. With the arrival home theatre systems and projectors home cinema experience has got on to a whole new level. All giving you the experience of being in a state-of-the-art movie theatre without the overpriced coke and popcorn and stumbling along the stairs and aisles like a blind man.

So, without any further ado, here is a list of some high-end projectors best suited for your home cinemaand television viewing.

  • For sports it has to be the – Viewsonic M2Full HD Smart Portable LED Projector.
  • For best home cinema experience overall – BENQ2700
  • For Gaming – Optama Cinemax P2
  • Best 4k projector for home theatre  XGIMI Horizon Pro Native 4k Projector.
  • For action movies and animation – Optama UHD42 4k Projector for home cinema.

Apart from these mentioned home cinema projectors sets,if you want to go for the premium the Samsung LSP7T Premier projector is worth mentioning. In the series of 1080p projector, you have your Philips Picopix Max. If you are an insatiable gamer on a budget for your gadgets then ELEPHAS GC333 Portable Projector will suit you the best.

Things That You Need to Know While Buying A Projector.

Connectivity – We live in an age where everyone is or less connected more on the digital than on the human level. So, when you are cruising through the variety of projectors for home theatre, make sure they have those smart Wi-Fi link ups and USB and HDMI ports.

Resolution – This is one of the most important things that you need to look at. For what good is a projector with low resolution shooting out blurry images. The resolution is measure in pixels, the higher the pixels the better the picture quality. 720-pixel image is the most basic. But if you are looking for engaging and realistic viewing experience then it must be 4k projector (3840 x 2160 pixels).


With the earth spinning more technologically advanced home theatre projectors are coming into the market each day – from wireless projectors to 3D projectors for home cinema, but one cannot have it all. So, while buying a home projector, give some thought on for what purpose you are getting a projector, whether it be for watching movies, gaming or sports and make your purchase accordingly.

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