Atoll IN100 Integrated Amplifier

Sale priceRs. 130,000.00

Color: Silver

Atoll IN100 Signature

The IN100 Signature integrated amp-preamp is manufactured with the greatest care

we choose the best possible components to achieve the highest level of sound performance. This rigorous search for perfection goes through the design of proprietary ATOLL circuits in order to preserve the integrity of the most subtle musical signals.

Output power/ 8 Ω

2×100 W

Output power/ 4 Ω

2×140 W

Power supply

2×340 VA

Total of capacitors

31 474 µF

Number of inputs


Preamp outputs



5 Hz – 100 kHz

Rising time

2,5 µs

Input impedance

357 kΩ


100 mV

Signal/Noise ratio

100 dBA

Distortion at 1 kHz

0,05% / (10 W)


440×305×95 mm


11 Kg

  • 4 mm brushed aluminium front panel.
  • 2×100 W – 8 Ω.
  • 2 toroidal transformers of 340 VA each.
  • ALPS motorized potentiometer.
  • Filter capacitors: 4×6800 μF.
  • Single push-pull MOS-FET power stage.
  • Monitoring loop.
  • Discrete component audio stages.
  • MKP Technology Link Capacitors.
  • High-performance heat sinks, direct thermal coupling.
  • Double-sided circuit boards with nickel/gold finish.
  • Polarization of output stages in class A/B.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Optional DAC board: DA100 or DA200.
  • Optional PHONO board: P50 or P100, can be combined with the DAC board.
  • Optional ATOLL global remote control.


5 Audio inputs (RCA): AUX (or optional P50 / P100 phono stage), CD, TUNER, DVD, TAPE (IN + OUT).
1 BY-PASS input (used as a power amplifier).

2 Line preamp outputs (for bi-amplification or to connect a subwoofer).
1 Trigger output (12V).

1 Headphone jack Ø 6,35 mm.

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