Dali Fazon LCR (Per PC)

Sale priceRs. 46,500.00

Color: White (Lacquer)


The DALI FAZON LCR is an elegant loudspeaker designed to fit right into the modern home. Designed for stereo and multi-channel setups, this impressive speaker performs equally well as a centre-channel speaker.

Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz]

78 - 25,000

Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]


Nominal Impedance [ohms]


Maximum SPL [dB]


Recommended Amp. Power [Watts]

15 - 120

Crossover Frequencies [Hz]


High Frequency Driver

28 mm soft dome

Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s)

2 x 4½”

Connection Input

Single wire

Die-Cast Aluminium

The organic lines of the die-cast aluminium enclosure combined with enhanced structural integrity, reduced vibration and non-parallel surfaces, are all key elements in the pure, musical tone.

Wood Fibre Cones

Based on the MENTOR and IKON series, low-loss FAZON series drivers feature low-mass paper cones with wood fibre reinforcement.

Curved Design

The curved lines of FAZON series cabinets eliminate reflections and standing waves.

Magnetic Grilles

FAZON series speakers include exclusive magnetic grilles for easy attachment and removal.


A high-performance satellite speaker for on-wall mounting

Combining elegant Danish design, quality materials and decades of driver and speaker design, the FAZON LCR is a stylish, wall-mount satellite speaker. The LCR can be used in a stereo setup or as a centre, main or surround speaker in a multichannel surround system. It's a truly versatile speaker for those looking for high performance in a compact and attractive form factor.


Patent-pending wall bracket for simple mounting

The FAZON LCR comes with a patented wall bracket for simple on-wall mounting. No cables, no connectors, just use the Click 'n' Connect wall bracket provided with the speaker. The speaker can also be mounted horizontally for centre-channel use or vertically as a front or satellite speaker.


An oversize tweeter for improved high frequency sound

The FAZON LCR features a lightweight 28 mm soft dome tweeter. The oversized dome reduces resonance frequency for improved low-end dynamics and better integration with the woofers, delivering a more natural character and improved resolution with finer details and microdynamics.


Reproducing the finest details and dynamics in music without any loss

The two 4½" low loss woofers are optimised with a wood fibre structured cone for reproducing the delicate midrange and bass frequencies. Constructed from a blend of fine-grain paper pulp reinforced with wood fibres, the woofers have a stiff, lightweight and uneven structure that helps minimise unwanted surface resonances.


Delivering richly defined detail and big bass response

The FAZON LCR's die-cast aluminium enclosure gives the speaker a stylish and elegant look. The high strength of aluminium also allows for thinner cabinet walls than less rigid materials, such as MDF or plastic. The thinner walls also create more internal volume for internal bracing and the sturdy, non-resonant bases and supports for the baffle and bracket connection.

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