Dali Katch One

Sale priceRs. 87,000.00

Color: White


The DALI KATCH ONE soundbar combines superior audio reproduction with a fresh appealing look. Experience movies, music and gaming like you've never heard them before and take home entertainment to a new level with our first dedicated TV soundbar.

Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz]

46 - 25,000

Maximum SPL [dB]


Crossover Frequencies [Hz]

250 / 2,500

Crossover Principle


Power Output [watt]

4 x 50

Wireless Input(s)

Bluetooth® 4.0, AAC™ & aptX™

Amplifier Type

Fully Digital Class-D Amplifier

Connection Input

HDMI ARC, 2 x optical / TOSLINK, 3.5 mm mini jack stereo

Connection Output

Sub-out, USB charge (5V / 1A)

TV Performance

THE KATCH ONE delivers dynamic, crisp and beautifully balanced sound for your movie and music listening pleasure.

Audio Profiles

Wide and Focus sound modes let you enjoy movies, TV and music just the way you want.

Mounting Options

The KATCH ONE is undeniably elegant, whether mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf with the included real wood feet.


There are plenty of connectivity options, from TVs, smart devices (via Bluetooth® or mini-jack) and CD players to audio streamers and subwoofers.


Adding that missing audio excellence

As TVs get larger, the space for quality audio systems gets smaller. If you demand TV sound that's as sharp as the picture, the DALI KATCH ONE is for you. It's a stylish, complete soundbar that upgrades your TV experience by adding that missing audio excellence that a TV speaker just can't deliver. Designed to enhance TV audio but engineered to improve music from any source, the DALI KATCH ONE also has the power to perform as your main audio system.


Combining elegant looks and functionality

The KATCH ONE's design is undeniably elegant. The front fabric has been carefully selected for its excellent acoustical properties, ensuring that the sound passes through without losing any of its energy or detail. The KATCH ONE also offers three stylish mounting solutions: a wall-mounted leather strap which elegantly hides cables running from the TV, a keyhole mount on the rear of the soundbar, or real wood feet for placement on a shelf or piece of furniture.


A durable enclosure with innovative design elements

The KATCH ONE casing and front baffle are moulded from an attractive and durable glass-fibre reinforced ABS compound. While providing a solid platform for the drivers, the casing also optimises airflow, widens the stereo image and guides the sound towards the listener.


All the inputs you could ever need

The KATCH ONE comes with all the inputs you could ever want. Whether you attach your TV or audio source using the HDMI, 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, Bluetooth® (high-resolution AAC and aptX) or two optical inputs, the KATCH ONE powers on and selects it automatically. There's even a subwoofer output for more powerful low-end immersion and a USB port for powering your tablet.


Clean, detailed and coherent audio

The KATCH ONE renders sound rarely experienced in a soundbar. With an astonishing 6 active drivers and 4 passive units, matched perfectly with a 4 x 50 W amplifier, dialogue and effects are sweepingly dynamic, crisp and clear, while music scores are beautifully balanced. With the KATCH ONE, movie nights will never be the same again.


Detail, accuracy and speed in the high frequencies

Driven by a strong neodymium magnet, the two lightweight 21 mm soft dome tweeters deliver detailed, accurate and agile high-frequency sound while taking up minimal space. The large surface area also helps the tweeters reach down into the midrange frequencies for seamless integration with the KATCH ONE's woofers.


Designed for the KATCH ONE's shallow case

By using a special shallow woofer chassis, inverted membrane and special spider suspension, the KATCH ONE's woofers have the same maximum excursion as similarly sized traditional woofers. The stiff aluminium cone also moves lots of air, even at midrange frequencies, and the combination of aluminium and fabric dust cap works to lower surface resonances and retain detail and clarity.


Offering plenty of power and two sound modes

Driving the KATCH ONE are four 50 watts peak, closed-loop Class D amplifiers. Taking advantage of DSP technology for the active crossover, the amplifiers are connected directly to the drivers for the best possible performance. The KATCH ONE also includes two sound modes: Wide and Focus. Wide mode offers an impressive and dynamic audio rendering for a room-filling and surprisingly powerful experience. Focus mode delivers a more linear sound profile that brings out the midrange frequencies where the vocals reside.

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