Dali Phantom H-120 (Per PC)

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Color: White


The DALI PHANTOM H-120 features a massive 12" woofer for deep, powerful bass. The H-120 is perfect for installations where a traditional floorstanding speaker or external subwoofer can't be used.

Frequency Range [+/- 3] dB [Hz]

32 - 25,000

Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]


Nominal Impedance [ohms]


Maximum SPL [dB]


Crossover Frequencies [Hz]

850 / 4,000

Crossover Principle


Recommended Amp. Power [Watts]

50 - 400

High Frequency Driver

1 x 28 mm soft dome

Low Frequency/Midrange Driver(s)

1 x 5½” / 1 x 12”

Easy Installation

The dogleg mounting system makes for quick installation: simply turn the screws to rotate the brackets and fasten them into place.

Discreet Design

The thin magnetic front grilles integrate seamlessly into any home environment.

Wide Dispersion

Wide dispersion DALI speakers ensure a larger sweet spot to enjoy the best sound experience. Especially for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Traditional Speaker Technologies

DALI PHANTOM in-wall speakers feature many of our familiar technologies, including wood fibre cones and soft dome tweeters.


Using a 12" woofer to deliver amazing bass

The PHANTOM H-120 in-wall loudspeaker brings the best qualities of a large floorstander in a speaker mounted in your wall. With an unprecedented 12" woofer that delivers deep and powerful bass, as well as a 5" woofer to handle the important midrange frequencies, this 3-way speaker delivers like no other in-wall loudspeaker. Perfect for spaces where floorstanding speakers or subwoofers can't be used, the PHANTOM H-120 is a full-range speaker that delivers all the bass you need without needing a separate subwoofer – it's all about true Hi-Fi sound, versatility and flexibility.


Every detail designed for optimal integration

Bringing the virtues of traditional cabinet speaker design to in-wall speakers, the DALI PHANTOM H-120 combines compact design with Hi-Fi performance. The drivers are securely mounted in the solid MDF front baffle with the tweeter placed close to the woofer for optimum integration. Installing the PHANTOM H-120 is also quick and easy, thanks to the dogleg mounting system that secures the speaker in place in seconds.


Made from audiophile components

Every crossover component has been selected for its audiophile quality. The crossover includes a PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient device) safety function – also referred to as a resettable fuse – which safeguards the driver components from overheating if played at very loud volumes over a long period. The speaker terminals are also located on the crossover for the shortest possible signal path, while spring-loaded grips ensure a solid and long-lasting connection to the speaker cable.


Detailed high frequencies and woofer integration

The ultra-lightweight weave fabric and high-performance magnet motor system endow the 28 mm soft dome tweeter with more accuracy and detail in the high frequencies than other tweeter designs. By positioning the tweeter front plate near the dome, the PHANTOM H-120 combines extended frequency response with wide dispersion and low colouration to improve the integration with the midrange and bass drivers.


Delivering high-resolution midrange and precise, coherent bass

A true Hi-Fi speaker can deliver a believable soundstage and render even the smallest microdetails without colouration. Using our signature wood fibre cone technology, the PHANTOM H-120 woofer reproduces every small detail in the music, delivering high resolution midrange and precise, coherent bass.


Easy integration in any room

All DALI speakers are designed around the principle of wide dispersion, which optimises off-axis listening to give a larger sweet spot and a better audio experience throughout a room. This principle is the perfect solution for PHANTOM series speakers, which are mounted flush with the surface of a wall or ceiling.

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