Sonos Arc Wall Mount

Sale priceRs. 9,000.00

Make your soundbar blend even more seamlessly into your home with this near-invisible wall mount.

Arc smartly detects when it is mounted then automatically adjusts the EQ to temper bass resonance from the wall
Low-profile design keeps Arc close to the wall so your entertainment and home take centre stage
Includes installation hardware
Weight: 1.43 lb (0.65 kg)


The A14-M full range speaker is the smallest model of the PSI Audio professional studio monitor range.
Housed in an extremely compact cabinet, the A14-M is designed to implement highest possible SPL and broad
bandwidth. The A14-M is ideal for applications where the best in terms of precision, size and reliability are required.

The A14-M comes in 2 different versions:
- A14-M Studio (used as desktop or nearfield, without grille and bracket)
- A14-M Broadcast (Studio version with grille, bracket and front level knob)

Potential peak power

110W + 45W

Continuous max SPL@1 m

98 dB

Short term max. SPL@1m

103 dB

Peak max. SPL@1m


Signal to noise ratio (S/N)

95 dBA

Fast and reliable results with the A14-M Broadcast

“Have you heard?” The number one question in news and gossip does not concern the audio engineer with A14-M speakers – they have heard everything.

The sound that has earned PSI Audio the respect of sound professionals all around the world improves your results and quickens your pace. From broadcast vans to the use as surround speakers in immersive setups, the A14-M Broadcast brings the trademark PSI Audio accuracy into the most discerning and demanding environments. Speakers you can trust … from any angle.

Handmade tweeter

What do you do when you cannot find a driver appropriate for the sonic accuracy you want to achieve with your speaker? At PSI Audio, we decided to just build our own then. The tweeter used in the A14-M is unique, our own development andbuilt by handin our manufacture in Switzerland.Superior to any market-bought solutions, our tweeter offers unparalleled clarity, subtlety and fidelity. It took a lot of time and effort to create this tweeter – certainly a lot more than buying one from an international supplier would have.Butthe result is absolutely worth it.

A14-M Broadcast – Who is it for?

As our most compact speaker, the A14-M is perfect for environments with limited space while still offering a very comprehensive sonic image, especially when coupled with a subwoofer.

The A14-M is also particularly suited to enhance larger stereo setups for surround applications – our very tight tolerances guarantee a coherent sound throughout the entire model range. This makes the A14-M a particularly popular choice for rear surround speakers.

Extend the low frequencies and add power

Ranging down to 56 Hz, the A14-M already impresses with a lot of transparent bass reproduction for its size. By adding one of our subwoofers, you can turn a pair of A14-M into a proper full-range system with all the clarity and precision you desire.

Handmade in Switzerland

All our products are handcrafted in Switzerland with passion and attention to detail.

Manufacturing by hand allows to match and adjust components so that tolerances cancel each other out instead of building up, as is often the case in industrial production.

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