Why are Bowers and Wilkins Speakers So Expensive?

Why are Bowers and Wilkins Speakers So Expensive?

Electronic gadgets, especially speakers, play a massive role in everyone’s life. Because, now, who does not wants to listen and sway on the beats of their favorite songs?

There are quite a handful of people who love to spend money on superior quality speakers. But have you ever wondered why all the premium quality speakers are always on the higher price range? 

Well, there are many factors that get included in the makings of Bowers and Wilkins speakersSo, it is expected from them to fall on the pricier range. 

Let Us Take a Look at Those Factors-

1- Manufacturing Costs: 

For speaker brands like B&W, their motive lies in offering the best quality sound to the users. They want to make sure that the products they sell are reliable and durable. And various aspects fall under manufacturing costs, and these include: 

  • Sound quality: The higher the sound quality is, the greater the price value will be. And the sound difference is quite noticeable too. When it comes to the B&W desktop computer speaker, it sounds crisper and clearer. It also manages to offer distortion-free bass, thus, showcasing the materials used are expensive.
  • Build quality: Build quality of Bowers and Wilkins speakers is supreme. The materials used are both comfortable and sturdy. And we guess that is why these speakers end up making good sound too.
  • OEM costs: Let’s be honest here, the company of B&W is based in England. So, it is quite expectable that the operating cost is higher than those of Chinese manufactured products.
  • Brand Value: Bowers and Wilkins came into existence in the 1960s. Now that is almost 60 years of them into the field. They have established a brand, so it is natural for the products to stand on the pricier side.

2- Branding and Marketing Costs:

When it comes to selling the products, most brands depend on branding and marketing. After all, the visibility of the product can only be possible with a good marketing strategy. And somewhere down the line, such tactics drive the stock and decrease the value to the consumer. 

3- Highly Educated Designers:

Now when the talk is about branded speakers, it is vital to note that these products aren’t made without a plan. There is a team of highly expensive industrial designers who use creativity along with technology to come up with something new. The final products are usually impressive and elegant in terms of sound and look. 

4- You Pay For The Sound:

Bowers and Wilkins manage both the wired and wireless realms with equal technology. They have even mentioned that their products aim to decrease the demeaning effects of vibrations. The end sound is clear and less distorted, thus, offering you with a balanced sound. 

Bottom Line

When quality, along with the brand, is added in front of any products, it instantly becomes more costly than others. Plus, every brand is ensuring to do something greater than their counterparts.  So, naturally, B and W is inventing newer things like, for instance, bookshelf, Floor standers, soundbar, tower, ceiling, wall mount and compact wireless speakers. Newer things require more modern technology and creative minds, thus increasing the overall cost.

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